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Although Tommy may not be a tattoo artist, he’s the one that will guide you on the right path to your next piece! Co-owner of Sacred Eye Tattoos, Tommy makes sure that the process is smooth and easy from beginning to end. He wants to make sure that it’s all about you. Whatever piece you’re looking to get, Tommy makes sure it’s done even BETTER. He goes out of his way for all his clients and makes sure you will walk away with the tattoo of your dreams. With that being said, come in and sit with Tommy. Let’s have some coffee and let’s talk about your next piece. “I got you brother” -Tommy


Gabriel Gonzalez, who is today known as one of Florida’s best tattoo artists and co-owner of Sacred Eye Tattoos, specializes in black and grey realism. His artistic nature has inspired him to stay away from traditional expectations and develop his own technique and style. All of his work is created on the spot. The spontaneity of each piece is what makes them unique, breaking from existing boundaries, the final artwork always leaves the client beyond satisfied. Coupled with strong work ethics and ambition, he is recognized and respected by well known tattoo artists. Gabriel has become a multi-award winning tattoo artist.

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An emerging artist with a bright future, Escobart has been tattooing for 6 years. He believes in artistic freedom allowing him to put his knowledge into the best tattoo possible for you. Escobart comes from Colombia with a deep passion for black and grey realism. He’s committed to designing unique pieces for every client who sits in his chair, so they can walk away loving their piece and wearing their ink with pride. He’s not afraid of a challenge and is a wiz creating lifelike scenes and portraits. Tenacity and talent. What more can you ask for?


Danny has made quite a name for himself here specializing in color, realism, and black work. His love of tattoos began just a few years ago realizing it wasn’t just a style he was drawn to but instead, it was all styles. Every piece caught his attention and he just knew he had to make something of it. Danny grew up in Miami. He believes in the beauty and art of tattoos. He also believes a tattoo is a memory you can keep forever. When he’s not creating beautiful memories for his clients, you can find Danny spending time with his dogs or at Cheetahs.

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Native to Miami, Alan really hopes that your first tattoo with him won’t be your last. His endeavor to create custom pieces encourages a very positive experience for his clients. It allows him to exercise creativity and grow a vast repertoire of original artwork. His respect for the art, history and dedication behind tattoos might just be the secret behind his success because in the last 5 years of doing this, he has seen countless of happy clients. When he’s not at the shop, you’ll find him practicing his craft, because he believes there is always room to learn and grow. Fun fact: he looks like Abraham Lincoln.


Ana came to us with an already impressive portfolio of tattoos. Her superb artistic skills translate well onto permanently inked styles. She’s all about making her clients happy. She’s been tattooing for 2 years and really enjoys tattooing watercolor, neotraditional, and black and grey. She believes that whatever pain you may endure is only temporary, but the tattoo is forever and worth it!

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When she creates a tattoo, she makes sure it will look amazing today, tomorrow, and years from now. It’s one of the reasons clients keep coming back, because she has their best interests at heart. Raised in Miami, she began her tattooing career for 4 years She aims to provide the best experience possible and enjoys creating a variety of different work such as black and grey and color. No matter what style, Rosy is always looking to learn and improve. Be spontaneous, stop in for a visit!


Richard Enriquez, better known as Red, is a professional tattooer stationed at our prestigious shop, Sacred Eye Tattoo, located in Hollywood, FL. Wielding over 7 years of crafted experience, Red has journeyed more than 100 conventions across the United States. Mastering precision within his ongoing, half-decade of professional experience, Red has expanded on his entrepreneurial voyage originating from his conception of his freelance services, Richard Enriquez Designs, from which the pseudonym derives. Whilst being commissioned for his artwork and expertise from tattoo designs to canvas paintings, this Pokémon Master is continuing his expansion in the industry, furthering his unique mastery and influence to bring your concept to reality.

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